Primrose Hill, London

115-117 Regents Park Road, London, NW1 8UR - 020 3725 2777

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Food & Drinks Menu


Sourdough toast, with assorted spreads (v) £2
Oat Porridge, Banana and Honey (v) £5
Fruit Salad, mixed seasonal fruits (vg) £5
Smoked Salmon Bagel, cream cheese, chives and dill £7
Coconut Yoghurt, Chia seeds and mixed berries (vg) £7
Breakfast salad bowl, Quinoa, kale, sweet potato, pepitas, avocado and poached egg (v) £8
Breakfast wrap, avocado, tomato salsa, ham, cheese £9
Breakfast salad bowl, Quinoa, kale, sweet potato, pepitas, avocado and poached egg (v) £8
Avacado on toast with poached eggs, chilli & lemon £8
With bacon £10
With smoked salmon £10


Soup of the Day (vg, gf) £5
Sourdough toastie, cheese and tomato  £5
Sourdough toastie, cheese, tomato and ham £6
BLT sandwich, bacon, lettuce, tomato, wholemeal bread £6
Deli sandwich, peppered pastrami, emmental cheese, tomato, gherkin, Dijon mayo, baguette £7.50
Baby spinach and ricotta salad, figs, almonds, pomegranate, ginger and lime dressing £9
Smoked Mackrel Salad, mixed leaves, carrots, baby potatoes, radish, dill dressing £9
Mediterranean Mezze Board, Crudité, feta cheese, Aegean olives and dips (aubergine, garlic yoghurt and hummus) £9


Tea   £2.5
English Breakfast, Earl Gray, Peppermint, Fresh Mint, Lemon & Ginger, Wild Berry, Redbush, Chamomile, Decaf    
Latte   £3
Cappuccino   £3
Macchiato   £2.2
Flat White   £3
Americano   £3
Espresso   £2.1
Decaf   £3
Mocha   £3
With almond or soya milk   £0.2
Hot Chocolate   £3.3
Nutella Hot Chocolate   £3.5
House Press   All at £4.5
Juices & Smoothies    
Wild Cow - spinach, cucumber & lime juice   £4
Grumpy Cow - grapefruit, orange, carrot & cayenne   £4
Horny Cow - Beetroot, carrot, orange & ginger juice   £4
Moody Cow - Berries, strawberries, honey & yoghurt smoothie   £4.5
Lazy Cow - Coconut milk, a splash of pineapple juice & banana smoothie   £4.5
Iced Coffee   £3
Cranberry Juice / Pineapple Juice   £2
Coke / Diet Coke   £2.5
Elderflower / Apple Pressé   £2.5
Still or Sparkling Water (350 / 750 ml)   £1.5 / £3


Something Sweet

Cookies   £2
Flapjack   £2
Croissant served with jam and butter   £2
Chocolate Brownie (gf)   £3
Lemon Drizzle Cake (vg)   £3


Service is at your discretion

Please let us know if you have any allergies or require information on ingredients used in our dishes.