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Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire

Great Tew, Chipping Norton, OX7 4JS - 0160 869 1000

When making your booking please advise us of any health conditions and any medication you are taking. On the day of your treatment, our spa team will ask you to complete a health questionnaire to ensure we are providing you the very best service and results, while assuring your comfort and safety. Please note that for certain medical conditions we will require written permission from your Doctor to proceed. Please speak to our Customer Care team for more information.

Wet Treatments

Please arrive 15 minutes prior these appointments and bring your swimming costume.

Mud | 60 mins - £45 for one / £80 for two

Experience complete relaxation and warmth in our Cowshed Mud Room. Apply mud to your body to improve skin texture, detoxify and soothe. This is followed by a steam to clear pores and eliminate toxins. Your body will then be cleansed using large sea salt crystals with free falling water.

Soak | 30 mins | £40

Personally drawn soaking tubs will aid detoxification, purification, absorption and regeneration. Choose from a variety of bath salts to customise the soak to your needs.

Sauna & Steam

With views over the millpond, enjoy the benefits of dry heat to relax, calm and cleanse. Or experience wet heat to hydrate, cleanse and refresh.

Ice Room

Cool off after experiencing either steam or sauna, or simply enjoy ice therapy on its own.

Hot Tubs

Heat and water therapy combined improves circulation and promotes relaxation.


Scrub, Soak, Massage | 120 mins | £160 person (for one or two people)

This ultimate experience begins with a full body brush and skin polish using cleansing sea salt crystals infused with revitalising spearmint essential oils. Followed by a soak to match your mood. The treatment ends with a complete body massage.

Sauna, Massage, Muscle Soak | 120 mins | £140 per person (for one or two people)

The dry heat of the sauna relaxes the body in preparation for a 90 minute stress relief massage. Finish with a herbal muscle soak that includes essential oils camphor, eucalyptus and clove bud to combat inflammation, ease tired muscles and relieve fatigue.

Packages for two people

Mud Room, Cowshed Massage, Speedy Facial | 150 mins | £300 

Senses are stimulated through the application of mud. Once you have steamed. scrubbed and rinsed in the Mud Room, you will be guided to the double treatment room for a Cowshed Massage and Speedy Facial for two.

Soak, Massage, Facial | 150 mins | £320

Start your treatment with the rejuvenating effects of water in the bath big enough for two. Then completely relax during a Cowshed Massage and Cowshed Facial.

Cowshed Body Therapies


Evening Primrose Body Wrap | 90 mins | £110

This indulgent treatment begins with a dry body brush and a body scrub to prepare the skin for a hydrating and plumping Evening Primrose mask. While your body is cocooned in a cotton sheet and the mask works its magic, experience the benefits of a mini facial which focuses on a relaxing facial massage. A full body massage will complete your treatment.

Slender Cow Total Body | 75 mins | £110*

An invigorating full-body blitz incorporating the Slender Cow scrub, serum and body butter. Dry body brushing and exfoliation revives dull skin, a detoxifying massage firms and tones. (*buy a series of six for the value of five)

Slender Cow Legs | 45 mins | £70

This fast working treatment begins with dry body brushing and exfoliation followed by a deep massage focussing on areas such as the buttocks and upper thighs. (*buy a series of six for the value of five)

Back Cleanse | 45mins | £65

A treatment to target problem areas on the back with a cleanse, steam, exfoliation and massage followed by a deep cleansing mask.

Salt Scrub | 45 mins | £65

Full body brushing followed by deep exfoliation using Sea Salt immersed in Spearmint Oil. Finish with detoxifying body cream.

Sleepy Cow Body Treatment | 75 mins | £100

An unmissable treatment to relieve tension and quieten the mind. Begins with a back exfoliation and massage using a relaxing blend of essential oils, followed by a dreamy neck and foot massage.

Cowshed Massages


Cowshed Moody Massage | 45 mins - £65 | 60mins - £80 | 75mins - £95 | 90mins - £115

Feeling Knackered, Lazy or Grumpy? Enjoy a bespoke body massage, tailored to your needs using one of our signature moods.

Cowshed Massage for Two | 60 mins | £150

Full body massage for two people, each with their own therapist, in our special double treatment room.

Salt Scrub and Massage | 90 mins | £120

Full body brushing followed by a complete deep exfoliation and stimulating Cowshed massage to finish.

Head Massage | 30mins | £50

A relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage incorporating pressure points to release tension. Ideal to ease headaches and stress, or just to switch off.

Deep Tissue Massage | 60 mins - £110 | 90 mins - £135

Full body massage that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. A great treatment to relieve acute tension.

Reflexology | 30 mins - £50 | 60 mins - £80

A foot massage promoting deep relaxation of the body.

Back Massage | 30mins | £55

A unique massage sequence to leave you feeling relaxed and re-energised.


For Your Hands

Ultimate Cowshed Manicure | 60 mins | £60

The signature Cowshed manicure for exceptional hand care. Nails are filed, cuticles are nourished. Hands are exfoliated before being massaged and then wrapped in a hydrating mask. While the mask works its magic, enjoy a scalp and shoulder massage. Polish is applied to finish.

Cowshed Manicure | 45 mins | £48

File and complete cuticle tidy, followed by exfoliation and a deep relaxing hand and arm massage and polish to finish.

Speedy Manicure | 30 mins | £35

File, tidy and polish.

Polish Change | 15 mins | £18

Scalp massage during nail treatments | 15 mins | £18

A small add on with massive benefits to ensure complete relaxation.

For Your Feet

Ultimate Cowshed Pedicure | 75 mins | £70

The signature Cowshed pedicure for indulgent foot care. Nails are filed, cuticles are tidied and hardened skin is removed. This is followed by a deeply relaxing leg and foot massage. Afterwards, the feet are wrapped in a hydration mask whilst the scalp and shoulders are massaged. This is followed by polish to finish.

Cowshed Pedicure | 60 mins | £60

File and complete cuticle tidy, removal of hard and calloused skin, followed by exfoliation and a relaxing foot and leg massage with a polish to finish.

Speedy Pedicure | 30 mins | £40

File, tidy and polish.

Polish Change | 15 mins | £20

Scalp massage during foot treatments | 15 mins | £18

A small add on with massive benefits to ensure complete relaxation.

*Please bring a pair of flip-flops with you to your appointment to ensure that after your pedicure your freshly painted nails can dry completely without smudging when you leave the spa.

Cowshed Signature Facials

Cowshed Anti-Ageing Facial | 75 mins | £95

Combines all the best bits of a Cowshed treatment with the benifits of Clarisonic. Our signature massage is followed by a facial cleanse using the Clarisonic to help product absorption and improve the skin's texture. Experience an invigorating facial yoga massage to firm and tone, followed by a replenishing mask. A final application of the perfect Cowshed moisturiser for your skin completes the treatment.

Cowshed Facial | 60 mins | £80

Facial cleanse, steam, exfoliation and extraction followed by an expert face, neck and shoulder massage and a replenishing mask with scalp, hand or foot massage. This treatment is finished with your recommended moisturiser.

Speedy Facial | 30 mins | £48

Facial cleanse, steam and exfoliation followed by either a face, neck and shoulder massage or a replenishing mask with scalp, hand or foot massage. This treatment is finished with your recommended moisturiser.

Advanced Facials with SkinCeuticals

Treat specific skin concerns with our partner skincare range, SkinCeuticals; backed by science and recommended by dermatologists worldwide.

Skin Analysis Facial | 60 mins | £110 

This bespoke treatment addresses multiple areas of concern including congestion, fine lines and dehydration. Skin analysis using a Wood's lamp identifies areas requiring treatment. Next comes exfoliation and extraction then the application of masks (including the new Phyto Corrective mask) while a shoulder and neck massage alleviates tension.

Gel Peel | 30 mins | £65

A Gel peel treatment to maintain skin's health and appearance. Proven to reduce visible signs of ageing, while improving uneven skin tone, smoothing the skin's surface and decreasing the frequency and appearance of acne.

Calming Facial | 60 mins | £110

A gentle treatment designed to soothe inflammation, reduce redness, hydrate, and help heal problematic skin.

Anti-Ageing Corrective Facial | 60 mins | £110

A perfect treatment to address the signs of ageing or sun damage. Includes the application of a revolutionary antioxidant to tackle damaged skin cells and proven to accelerate cell renewal for plumper, even and firmer-looking skin. (*Buy a series of 6 for the price of 5)

Brightening Facial | 60 mins | £110

A brightening treatment to treat hyper pigmentation and premature ageing. With a generous dose of Vitamin C and antioxidants, your skin will feel and look healthier with a radiant, firmer and more luminous complexion.

Clarifying Facial | 60 mins | £110

Designed to help treat oily and congested skin; this soothing and cleansing facial will help to clear impurities, reduce oil levels and keep skin hydrated.


For Your Eyes

Lash and Brow Tint | 30 mins | £28*

Lash Tint | 30 mins | £18*

Brow Tint | 15 mins | £14*

*Please note a patch test is required 24 hours prior to your treatment.


Two therapists work in synchronised movements for complete relaxation and indulgence. All treatments begin with the feet and an invigorating exfoliation. This is followed by a forehead pressure point massage and a de-stressing shoulder massage to prepare you for your chosen Cowgroom:

Cowgroom Maintenance | 30mins| £85

Speedy Facial + Speedy Manicure or Pedicure + Eyebrow Tidy


Shave Treatment: Power Cleanse + Invigorating Scrub + Shave + Speedy Manicure or Pedicure

Cowgroom Indulgent | 60mins | £115

Cowshed Facial + Cowshed Manicure or Pedicure + Eyebrow Tidy



From the masterminds behind Cowshed; NEVILLE is the ultimate in premium British grooming for gents who like to look sharp in seconds. With quality at its core, NEVILLE is loaded with luxurious and natural formulas, for products that work hard to deliver the goods.

Trust your instincts...

FOR THE GENTLEMAN ON THE GO | Express Treatment |  30 mins | £45

Facial cleanse, exfoliation, steam and mask. This treatment uses the NEVILLE grooming range to enhance the skin's natural appearance when time is of the essence.

THE FULL WORKS | Grooming Treatment | 60 mins | £80

Facial cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions (optional), facial massage and mask. Also includes a relaxing shoulder, neck and scalp massage. This treatment uses the NEVILLE grooming range to relax and revive as well as enhancing the skin's natural appearance.

Hair Removal

Strip wax is used for legs and arms and hot wax for all the other delicate areas of the body. The hot wax contains chamomile and rose and is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Full Leg & High Bikini | £72

Full Leg & Basic Bikini | £64

Half Leg & High Bikini | £58

Half Leg & Basic Bikini | £50

Full Leg | £45

Half Leg | £30

Brazilian / Hollywood | £54

High Bikini | £34

Basic Bikini | £26

Underarm | £20

Full Arm | £34

Half Arm | £25

Chest | £45

Back | £45

Eyebrow Shape | £28

Eyebrow Tidy | £20

Lip or chin | £15


Small Patch | £10

Large Patch | Price on appointment

Spa & Josh Wood at Farmhouse Hair Packages

Cowshed Moody Massage (60 mins) + Blow Dry (30 mins) | 90 mins | £115

Cowshed facial (60mins) + Blow Dry (30 mins) | 90 mins | £115