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  • How to Pick the Perfect Nail Shade


    The days are finally starting to feel a little brighter (and dare we say it, warmer) and suddenly dark, wintry shades on our fingertips don't feel quite right. So how do you make the transition from winter to early spring and how do you pick the perfect shade for an occasion? We asked our resident expert, Cowshed Educator and Training Manager Jess Sproson for advice.

    "For moving from winter into spring I like In The Buff or Best Kept Secret for that natural, more clean look – before the bright pinks start to appear on the summer scene. They act as a visual palette-cleanser, between the intense, dramatic shades of the party season and the brights of high summer."

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  • How to Make Your Mani Last Longer


    Cowshed Educator and Training Manager Jess Sproson says when you want to maintain your mani, start with the basics - like hand cream. "Cow Herb is more restorative as it contains lactic acid (which is like a mini exfoliator and helps to penetrate your skin) plus cocoa butter and shea butter. The fragrance of lavender and fennel gives you a lovely indoor/outdoor smell. Keep the travel size handy so you can top up throughout the day."

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  • Cowshed Loves... Handcare


    As February is the month of love, we’re celebrating our most cherished Cowshed products. Nobody knows these products better than our team of therapists who use them day to day in our spas, so here are their recommendations for looking after hardworking hands...

    Dirty Cow Hand Wash

    “Dirty Cow is lovely because it smells fresh, and it doesn’t leave your hands feeling dry or tight after cleansing. The stylish packaging makes it look smart and compliments any sink.” Soho Farmhouse

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  • SkinCeuticals Q&A


    Skinceuticals' advanced, science-based skincare has long been a favourite with our therapists in Cowshed spas, who use it in treatments to compliment our own range of natural skincare. You can buy Skinceuticals products in our spas and now, for the first time, on our website. Here, a SkinCeuticals expert explains how these highly active products can transform your skincare regime at home.

    If you’re totally new to the brand, what is so different about it?

    Born from skin cancer research that led to pivotal breakthrough in antioxidants, our high potency formulas are concentrated in pure actives and proven to penetrate optimally into skin.

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  • Q&A with The Light Salon's Laura Ferguson


    Has LED technology been around for a long time?

    'LED has been used for years in medical, therapeutic, beauty and aesthetic clinics. It is highly respected by doctors and dermatologists and is used in hospitals to treat the most vulnerable of skins due to its ability to regenerate, rejuvenate and heal the skin.

    During the late 80’s the first prototype of the Paterson PDT was developed as a safe and painless alternative to lasers for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer. Following extensive research in the 1990’s, NASA discovered that LED light therapy was successful in treating difficult to heal wounds, severe burns, muscle and damaged nerves. As with many technologies used in the medical sector, LED light therapy moved swiftly into the beauty industry, helped greatly by the outstanding results in cellular repair.'

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  • Our therapist recommends...


    When it comes to naturally radiant, healthy skin, our Cowshed therapists are the experts. Here are some of their favourite products for treating different skincare needs.

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  • The Light Salon arrives at Cowshed

    This month we're all about getting naturally healthy, glowing skin and as part of that mission, we're thrilled to be welcoming The Light Salon to all our London spas. Founded by Laura Ferguson and Hannah Measures, this revolutionary treatment harnesses the rejuvenating properties of LED light technology in express facials. With a focus on honest, natural beauty and skin health, The Light Salon makes the perfect partner for Cowshed.


    LED light therapy is a natural, non-invasive treatment that offers a wide range of benefits to the skin. Completely safe and suitable for all ages and skin types, it’s fantastic for all-round skin health, delivering energy into the cells to boost the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

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  • Discover SkinCeuticals

    At Cowshed we like to partner with brands who share our values and whose products complement our own range. That's why our therapists love using SkinCeuticals in facials and recommend the advanced skincare brand's products to treat specific skincare concerns. You can shop SkinCeuticals in our spas and now on our website too.


    Founded in 1997, SkinCeuticals is recommended by dermatologists worldwide. These cosmeceutical products combine skincare with science and contain pharmaceutical grade, biologically active ingredients which penetrate deeply into the epidermis, interacting with enzymes and proteins. If you’re not used to cosmeceuticals, you might experience an unexpected tingling sensation – that’s a good thing! The highly active ingredients mean you’ll feel and see a difference very quickly.

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  • Cheeky Topshop is open!


    Our Cheeky parlours in Shoreditch and Holborn are already known as London’s hottest spots for a speedy beauty fix and now we’ve added a third with the opening of Cheeky at Topshop, Oxford Circus.

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  • An evening with SkinCeuticals


    This autumn why not enjoy an evening of skincare advice at our Cowshed spas and learn how to make the most of your regime? We're hosting a series of very special events at three of our London spas where Cowshed therapists and experts from our partner skincare brand SkinCeuticals will be on hand to offer bespoke skin analysis. You'll also be able to enjoy a glass of fizz and canapés, before leaving with a goodie bag, which includes a SkinCeuticals product.

    Tickets cost £20 with £10 from the ticket price redeemable against any purchase in the Cowshed store.* This is one night you and your friends won't want to miss. We can't wait to see you there!

    Shoreditch House, October 25th, 18:30 - 20:30pm
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    Clarendon Cross, Nov 1st, 18:30 - 20:30pm
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    *Only redeemable during the event