• Anna Hart Trials Our New Detox Pedi


    Anna Hart runs South Molton St Style, a fashion and lifestyle blog packed with beautiful images and helpful tips for anyone seeking a bit of style guidance or inspiration. We sent her along to our spa at The Ned to try our new Detox Pedicure - the perfect treat for post-summer feet before they go into their winter 'hibernation'...

    'It’s easy to forget about your feet when the colder months arrive with them being buried in shoes and socks, but after a summer of bright coloured nail polishes, sand and welly-clad festivals my hooves are looking anything from presentable by the time autumn comes along. Even though I go for regular massages to treat aches and pains in my back, neck and shoulders I hadn’t considered offering the same TLC to my feet.

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  • Spa of the Month: Clarendon Cross


    Tucked away in a tranquil, leafy enclave of Holland Park in West London is Cowshed, Clarendon Cross. It's known for its delicious dishes as much as our ever-popular pedis, with people popping in and out throughout the day for coffee, cake, treatments and chats creating a bustling but relaxed vibe. Spa manager Liz explains the charm of this true neighbourhood spa.

    'Clarendon Cross was the original Cowshed spa [in London] – it’s been here 12 years and a lot of our clients have been with us that whole time. We have a lot of locals who see the same therapist that they’ve seen for years. We work closely with all the local businesses and have really good friendships with the residents. Clarendon Cross and Primrose Hill are the only two Cowshed spas with a café so that makes us unique – you can sit and have avocado on toast while having your pedicure. It’s quite a social hub for the community.

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  • Beauty Juice: The Lowdown on House Press


    In every Soho House and Cowshed spa you'll find rows of colourful bottles waiting to deliver a refreshing and healthy hit of cold pressed juice. This is House Press - another part of the Soho House family, just like Cowshed, and equally dedicated to making you feel good on the inside and - as it turns out - on the outside too. Here Artur Zielinski, head of House Press, explains which cold pressed juices contain the ultimate beauty-boosting ingredients.

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  • Spa of the Month: Cowshed, The Ned


    Our beautiful new spa at The Ned features all the familiar Cowshed touches you’d expect, from the famously comfy mani/pedi chairs to restful treatment rooms, plus a few grand flourishes as befits the building’s grand Edwardian heritage (think hand-painted wallpaper, a spectacular hammam and the fanciest changing rooms we've ever seen). Spa General Manager Svet took us on a tour and shared some of her favourite things about this very special Cowshed.

    ‘I worked for Orient Express hotels in Sydney where I worked my way up from reception through to operations manager, spa manager, so I have a background in five star hotels. We were the leading spa in Sydney for three years and then from Sydney I came over to England because my husband’s British. I didn’t go straight into spas, I started working with companies in the private sector doing operational roles and then I moved over to Cowshed Primrose Hill where I opened up the spa and that was my first connection with Soho House. I was there for three years and Primrose is very successful - it was the largest site in London, it was considered the flagship in terms of the standalones.

    Then from Primrose I moved over to The Ned. I’ve been here since its inception – I joined at the end of December and was here for the pre opening and it’s been an amazing opportunity. Even though I’ve run big companies before this is challenging being in charge of three floors, but it’s exciting, I’ve got a great team and we’re doing really well.

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  • Sleepy Cow Calming Collection


    Drift off into a perfect night’s sleep with our Sleepy Cow calming collection. Starring a unique aromatherapy blend of Melissa and Lemon Myrtle essential oils to relieve tension and quieten the mind. The perfect antidote to restless minds and sleep. Sleepy Cow is the answer to all your dreams.

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  • Review: The Frugality Gets a Moody Massage


    If there's one blog we never fail to check, it's The Frugality. The fashion, beauty and increasingly interiors-focussed site is the brainchild of freelance stylist Alex Stedman, who is known for her amazing ability to make savvy high street finds look like high fashion. As we're celebrating our famous moods this month, we sent Alex and her boyfriend to try our signature Moody Massage...

    'You'd think post-holiday, we'd be all blissed out without the need for a relaxing massage. In fact the opposite was true - a late night budget airline back from Spain at 1am and straight back into a week of stressful work and appointments actually left us in need of some spa time. So we jumped at the chance to try the 'Moody Massage' at the Cowshed Selfridges spa, which was also a new spot to try.

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  • The Man Behind the Moods


    When we opened our very first spa in the old cow shed at Babington House we wanted our own body oils, lotions and washes to use in the treatments there - as well as in Babington's bedrooms. Step forward celebrated perfumer Richard Howard, one of the earliest proponents of aromatherapy. He created the bespoke essential oil fragrance blends in our original products which became our famous 'Moods'.

    Nearly twenty years on, those first moods (Horny, Knackered, Grumpy and Moody) have been joined by several more, each one devised to address specific physical and emotional needs. Here's Richard's take on the Cowshed story...

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  • Spa of the Month: Cowshed Soho Beach House, Miami


    With the launch of Black Tomato's new Soho Beach House package, it seemed like the perfect time to catch up with the team in Cowshed, Miami to get the inside story on their spa and their favourite neighbourhood hot spots. Brian Brytus is the spa's general manager...

    'I have been in the hospitality industry for 17 years, with 10 of those years working in spas.  I moved from Pennsylvania to Miami Beach in 2000 and I can't imagine not living close to water again.'

    What is your spa’s most popular treatment? 'Massages have always been our most popular treatment.  Many of our members and guests comment that they have received the best deep tissue massage of their life here in Cowshed.'

    What is your spa’s most popular product? 'Our most popular product is SPF sunscreen.  We carry Hampton Sun and week after week it is our top seller, which is an obvious choice for our guests and members since the main attraction in Miami is the beach and the sun.  Our top selling Cowshed product is our Dirty Cow Freshening Hand Wash.  With essential oils of grapefruit and petitgrain the smell seems to be what has made this item a favorite.'

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  • The Barcelona Treatment


    Transport yourself to the beach before you’ve even boarded your flight with The Barcelona, inspired by the hugely popular signature treatment at Cowshed, Soho House Barcelona.

    Designed to perfectly prep your face and body for summer, the treatment features body brushing, deep exfoliation with our Sea Salt Scrub, a relaxing back massage and facial using our unique cold stone technique.


    Experience a release of tension as the scrub and massage ease you into a deep state of relaxation. The cold stones relax the face muscles, reducing swelling and tackling stress-induced inflammation of the jaw. Finally, the facial refreshes and closes pores to give skin an instant, revitalised glow. 75 mins, £95.

    Book The Barcelona in any of our London spas now

  • Experience Cowshed Miami with Black Tomato


    Holidays don't get much better than a stay Soho House's Miami outpost, Soho Beach House, with its swimming pools, sandy beach and (of course) gorgeous Cowshed spa. Now award-winning travel company Black Tomato has teamed up with Soho Beach House and Cowshed as our exclusive travel partner to create a tailor-made trip that's guaranteed to tick every single bucket list box.

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