• Ingredient Focus: Lavender


    Lavender has been used as an ingredient in medicines, cooking and beauty products for thousands of years. Deriving from the Latin ‘lavare’ – to wash – it was used by the Romans to scent their bathwater, bed linen and clothes, as well as for medicinal purposes. The essential oil from lavender flowerheads has been used in perfumes in France since the 17th century and the great lavender fields of Grasse still supply perfumers today. In medieval times there were many superstitions associated with lavender, including planting it around doorways to ward off evil spirits and placing it in the hands of women in labour to bring them strength.

    At Cowshed it’s one of our favourite ingredients for many reasons. The scent is famously calming and relaxing – it’s a perfect balance of clean, fresh and herbaceous but sweet, floral and aromatic too. Lavender is just coming into flower in the fields now and will be harvested in the coming weeks.

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  • Spa of the Month: Cowshed Soho Farmhouse


    In the summer of 2015 Soho House opened Soho Farmhouse - a members' club located in 100 acres of Oxfordshire countryside. Alongside the 40 cabins, restaurants, bars and bell tents you'll find a Cowshed spa with its very own island featuring a steam room, sauna, ice room and hot tubs. Katie Howell, General Manager at Cowshed and Farmhouse Parlour, told us more.

    “I have been with Cowshed Farm since the beginning which is now over two years and have loved every second of it!!  Very much looking forward to the next project which is our new salon called Farmhouse Parlour.”

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  • Review: Lauren Shepherd tries the Ultimate Cowshed Pedicure


    Lauren Shepherd runs the parenting and lifestyle blog Hunters and Heels where she writes about her life as a mum of three and her passions for photography, food, beauty, interiors and anything else that is inspiring her. Her warm, relaxed and open style of writing combined with beautiful images makes her blog one of the nicest places to hang out on the internet. Here she reviews the Ultimate Cowshed Pedicure - the perfect treatment to indulge in as we step into sandal season...

    "Forgetting about ourselves is so easy for us mums to do. We prioritise our babies, and of course everything and everyone else. But the truth is, a little self-care and guilt-free indulgence can be so good for the soul. Personally, I feel happiest when I'm relaxed, and feeling happy has a positive impact on all aspects of my life. So, this post is written not only to gush about our recent trip Soho Farmhouse and its gorgeous Cowshed spa but also to (hopefully) inspire you to take some time for yourself this week. And if that means bringing the Cowshed spa to you... then perfect!

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  • Deep Cleanse & Correct ExpressLED Back Facial

    Strappy dress, backless top and halterneck season is just around the corner. Luckily our friends at The Light Salon have launched the perfect treatment to dispel your summer wardrobe fears.

    The Light Salon's new Deep, Cleanse & Correct ExpressLED Back Facial has launched exclusively in Cowshed Selfridges, Oxford Street. The 45 minute (£75) treatment aims to exfoliate, deep cleanse, correct and repair the skin on your back using yellow or blue LED light, depending on your skincare concerns.

    The yellow light delivers energy deep into the body to boost your own system so it works more efficiently and effectively. It also acts on the parasympathetic system, releasing endorphins, so you feel fantastic after your treatment. The blue light uses a wavelength of 415 which is used specifically to target acne, killing bacteria and correcting the skin. Your skin will be left smooth and glowing with vitality and ready for warmer days to come.

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  • Spa of the Month: Cowshed Babington House


    If you've ever wondered why we are called Cowshed, there's a simple reason: we opened our very first spa in the old cow shed at Babington House, Somerset in 1998. The products that were used in the spa treatments and bedrooms at Babington were made using ingredients from the Victorian walled garden on the estate and those are the very same products that you can buy and enjoy at home today. Manager Karen Plunkett-Jones gave us the low-down on the original, and very special, Cowshed.

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  • Five Ways to Unwind Mid-Week


    We asked Jessica Sproson, Cowshed Educator & Training Manager, for her top tips to make it from Monday to Friday without getting stressed...

    1. Facial massage and steam
    'Because our Lavender Cleanser has so much of the essential oil in it, do a small massage routine when you've put the cleanser on. Use your knuckles, starting on your cheeks and working into your chin, then get your muslin cloth really warm and place it on your face for a lovely steam – it activates the essential oils which give a calming, relaxing fragrance. I do this when I travel to the Houses as they have the lavender cleanser in the bathrooms with a beautiful white flannel.'

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  • Why Cowshed Is Good For You


    If you care about what you put into your body, it makes sense to do the same for the outside. We’re proud of our products – all made in England, they contain the finest quality essential oils, plus organic and wildcrafted plant extracts. Here are some of the outstanding ingredients that make our products so good for your skin, hair and body (while lifting your mood with their therapeutic fragrances at the same time).

    Anti-oxidant rich cranberry seed oil contains a perfect balance of Omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids, plus vitamins A, C, E + K. Because it’s an oil, it absorbs excellently into the skin, penetrating deep beyond the surface and delivering these regenerating nutrients straight to where they’re needed. Cranberry Seed Rejuvenating Facial Oil, £36

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  • Detox Kitchen Lily's Tips For Eating Well


    Simple Tips

    'Cooking from scratch and avoiding processed foods is the best way to have more control over your diet. You’ll immediately be cutting out added salts, sugars, oils and preservatives used in a lot of processed and ready-made meals. This really is a big part of the battle won.'

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  • Spa of the Month: Cowshed Carnaby


    Whether you're getting your nails done, having a massage or just popping in for a wax, your experience in a spa is defined by the people who work there more. Our therapists are the heart and soul of every Cowshed spa and they really love what they do, so each month we're devoting a story to them to find out what makes them tick and to hopefully pick up a few pro tips. First up is the team at Cowshed Carnaby...

    Sarka Hankova is the manager at Cowshed Carnaby, our spa in the heart of London's busiest shopping district. Tucked away on a narrow cobbled lane just off the iconic Carnaby Street, this spa welcomes people from all over the world who are visiting the city as well as Londoners who live and work nearby.

    Tell us a bit about yourself? "A dream chaser. That’s probably the most accurate description."

    What is Carnaby’s most popular treatment? "Cowshed Pedicure – your feet will thank you later."

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  • Shoreditch House trainers put Cow Pit to the test


    We think our new deodorant, Cow Pit, is pretty fantastic, but don't just take our word for it. We gave it to two trainers at Shoreditch House gym to see whether it could stand up to a seriously intensive workout. They put Cow Pit through its paces and here's what they thought:

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